Minesto's technology is presented during a Technical tour at AWTEC 2018.

”AWTEC 2018 highlights the importance of marine energy in Asia”

September 13, 2018

This week, the 4th Asian Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (AWTEC) is held in Taipei, Taiwan. Arranged every two years, AWTEC is the largest marine energy conference in Asia and attracts high-level university researchers, industry players, investors and public representatives from all over the world.

As Taiwan is one of Minesto’s prioritised entry markets, with the subsidiary Minesto Taiwan Ltd set up earlier this year, the company has been well-represented at this year’s conference.

CEO Dr Martin Edlund was one of two to give an Invited Speech at the conference’s first day on Monday. In his speech, Martin Edlund focused on the prospects of Minesto’s unique technology in Taiwan – not least the aspect of tapping in to the continuously-flowing Kuroshio current – and the company’s valuable partnership with the National Taiwan Ocean University.

AWTEC 2018 was wrapped up today with a technical tour to NTOU’s marine energy test site in Keelung Northeast of Taipei where Minesto staff presented a scale-model prototype of Minesto’s Deep Green technology, which earned a lot of interest from the nearly 100 visitors.

“The feedback we have got from various stakeholders here in Taipei has been great. This conference really highlights the importance and need of marine energy in Asia and the numerous opportunities available, from large-scale array installations to off-grid applications such as island communities and aquaculture”, said Martin Edlund.

“We’re very happy with the dialogue we’ve had and the relationships we’ve built with different stakeholders this week in Taipei”.

Minesto's Martin Edlund gives an Invited Speech at AWTEC 2018.
Minesto's technology is presented during a Technical tour at AWTEC 2018.
Minesto's Yung-Lung Chen and Sven Granfors next to a prototype of Minesto's Deep Green marine energy technology