Study visit by EU project Maestrale at Minesto's headquarters in July, 2017

Mediterranean blue energy actors’ visit

July 05, 2017

Today, we had the pleasure of hosting a study visit from members of the Maestrale project, part of the Interreg MED Programme, which aims to lay the basis for a Maritime Energy Deployment Strategy in the Mediterranean.

The delegation – comprised of representatives from Southern Europe energy agencies, universities and other institutions engaged in marine energy – visited Gothenburg and Minesto as part of the process of benchmarking marine energy technologies that could be applied in the Mediterranean area. 

The agenda included presentations by Minesto’s CEO Martin Edlund and CTO Heije Westberg as well as discussions regarding the potential application of Minesto’s Deep Green technology in the Mediterranean region.

"The Mediterranean is an example of an area where our product, thanks to its unique characteristics, has the potential to exploit a resource that other marine energy technologies cannot. Today’s meeting was a good exercise for us to learn more about the market potential for Deep Green in Mediterranean waters”, says Martin Edlund.