Micro grid system progress

May 22, 2017

Since the first Deep Green installation in Holyhead Deep will not be connected to the grid, we will use a Micro Grid System (MGS) to handle electricity produced by the power plant.

MJR Power & Automation, an UK-based specialist with extensive experience of designing and building electrical, electronic and control systems for the offshore sector, has been selected as partner and supplier of a MGS for the first installation in Wales.

With mainly ABB standardised components, MJR Power & Automation will design, manufacture and assembly a MGS that will host an electrical system, battery/energy storage and a control system. The awarded contract also includes services related to power system studies.

The basics of design has been agreed and orders for long lead time items has been placed, as we now have moved on to the detailed design phase.

The MGS will be used to act as a virtual grid, i.e. set the voltage and frequency towards the kite. This will enable us to verify efficiency and ensure power quality.

Power produced by the power plant will be consumed by the MGS’ power system and the power system of the MGS buoy, the housing in which the MGS are placed. Abundant power will be consumed in a resistor.

To be independent of any diesel generators, a battery storage will be used. It will store as much energy as is needed to keep the MGS and the buoy operating during periods when the power plant does not produce energy.

As previously announced, the MGS buoy will be delivered by Scottish Malin Group.