New TV documentary showcases Minesto’s unique ocean energy technology

April 19, 2021

Minesto features in a new TV documentary on technologies with the potential to change our world and contribute to a sustainable future. The documentary, called Engineering the Future, is available on global streaming services.

In the latest episode called “Tidal”, TV documentary show Engineering the Future explores the prospects of utilising the last great untapped energy source on Earth – the power of the oceans’ tides.

With captivating footage and stories, it highlights the major progress made by Minesto and industry colleagues to make tidal energy a commercially viable energy source and through that enable balanced, sustainable energy systems.

“We are delighted to feature in this TV documentary. Not only does it showcase Minesto’s technology and our pioneering project in the Faroe Islands. It also gives people all over the world an excellent overview of why predictable renewable energy from the ocean, not least by unlocking low-flow marine currents, is needed in the fight on global warming”, said Dr Martin Edlund, CEO of Minesto.

Engineering the Future is streaming now on Curiosity Stream and will also be available on HBO Max in short.