Tidal energy a cornerstone in Wales 100% renewable by 2035 plan

March 15, 2019

Welsh think tank Institute of Welsh Affairs (IWA) has published a report called “A plan for Wales’ renewable energy future: essential actions to re-energise Wales by 2035”, which outlines how Wales could make the transition to 100% renewable energy by 2035.

Tidal energy features strongly in the research with IWA arguing that Wales offers significant potential for tidal power, not least off the coast of Anglesey where Minesto’s Holyhead Deep site is located.

The report underlines how tidal energy would balance and complement other renewable generation technologies, for example over the winter period when both wind and solar generation are low.

“The potential value of the marine portfolio in Wales should therefore be viewed as a UK system-wide asset”, the IWA states in the report.

Wales First Minister Mark Drakeford said that Wales was making good progress and the IWA provided a "welcome insight" into what the future could look like, the BBC reports, and that it echoed many priorities in the low carbon delivery plan being published next week.

Read more about the IWA’s plan for Wales here.