The South Stack Lighthouse on Holy Island, North Wales, overlooking Minesto's Holyhead Deep site 6km off the coast. Photo: Warren Cardwell

Tidal wave of MPs unite in support of UK marine power

May 13, 2019

91 Members of Parliament from all the main parties have signed a letter to the UK Energy Minister Claire Perry, urging her to put measures in place to ensure that the UK capitalises on its role as a world leader in wave and tidal power.

The letter, written by the Conservative Member of Parliament Richard Graham, the Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Marine Energy, encourages the Government to include new policies to support innovative wave and tidal stream technologies in its upcoming Energy White Paper.

“Marine energy is an innovative, world-class industry in which the UK is a global leader”, Richard Graham MP said. “Right now people are clamouring for more action on climate change. Marine energy provides a perfect opportunity for the Government to show that it is listening.”

Read the full press release by the trade body Renewable UK here.