Minesto contracts Leask for a seabed anchor for the Dragon 12 – in readiness for array buildout

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10 mars 2023

Minesto, leading ocean energy developer, has contracted Leask Marine for the installation of a drilled foundation anchor for the first Dragon 12 kite system in Vestmanna, Faroe Islands. This marks a shift from historically using gravity-based foundations to a drilled anchor solution. The shift brings substantially lowered carbon footprint and reduced installation costs, making Minesto well positioned for array buildouts.  

Minesto have contracted the detailed design, supply and installation of a drilled and grouted tubular foundation anchor for the first Dragon 12, to be installed in Vestmannasund, Faroe Islands to Leask Marine Ltd.

The selection of the Leask drilled and grouted anchor solution brings increased customer value in terms of lowered installation costs, and design flexibility compared to traditional foundation anchoring solutions.

“This is a significant step in scale-up of our tidal energy power plants. We now have a solution suitable for array buildout,” says Dr Martin Edlund, CEO of Minesto.

A tubular foundation anchor utilises considerably less material than a gravity-based structure, so the solution significantly reduces the carbon footprint (total CO2 life-cycle emissions). With a small physical footprint and rapid, low-noise installation, the tubular anchor system’s environmental impact is low.

“Taking the step to an anchored solution, away from gravity-based foundations, is a key development for array build outs. This will result in significant cost reductions in logistics, materials, installation and decommissioning, “ says David Collier, COO at Minesto.  

Minesto has a long history of successful collaboration with Leask Marine in a range of foundation and installation projects. Leask’s anchor technology is well-proven and is now applied in tidal energy, as Minesto’s kite systems are to be anchored with the innovative solution.

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