Minesto debuts at COP28

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1 december 2023

Minesto, leading ocean energy developer, is part of the Swedish official business delegation to the COP28, the United Nations’ global climate change conference.  Starting today, Minesto’s CEO Dr Martin Edlund will participate in several programme sessions throughout the event.

Welcome to join Minesto at COP28:

1 December at 13.45-16.15 GST (10.45-13.15 CET)

Inauguration of the Swedish pavilion:

Sweden at COP28 – Inauguration of the Swedish pavilion

Minesto's CEO Dr Martin Edlund takes part in the closing session “Collaboration as a tool to bridge the implementation gaps in the green transition", 15.50-16.15 GST (12.50-13.15 CET)

1 December at 17.00 GST (14.00 CET)

We Don't Have Time COP28 interview series:

Interview with Dr Martin Edlund

We Don't Have Time COP28 – interview with Martin Edlund

5 December at 16.00-16.40 GST (13.00-13.40 CET)

Minesto flagship session "Nordic trailblazing to unlock a new renewable source – tidal energy"


Martin Edlund, CEO, Minesto

Ingilín D. Strøm, Minister of Environment, Faroe Islands 

Julie Wedege, SVP for Politics and Ownership, Statkraft 

Isabella Gustafsson Ismodes, Research Programme Manager, Industry at Swedish Energy Agency

You can register as a digital guest and watch the program of the Swedish pavilion (free):

Sweden at COP28 – digital guest pass

Sweden at COP28 – programme overview