Minesto featured on Spotify’s Climate Action Studios podcast

Press releases

20 december 2022

Minesto and Faroese utility company SEV are featured on the latest episode of the Spotify Original “Climate Action Studios” podcast. The episode highlights the Faroe Islands as a case study of how Minesto’s tidal energy technology can accelerate renewable energy transition.

The latest episode of Spotify’s Climate Action Studios, “Live from COP27 – the power of the sea” is introduced with an intriguing caption: 

“Wind, solar and now tidal streams and ocean currents? The renewable energy space is rapidly developing and innovating and now you can learn more about the opportunities, and challenges with tidal streams and ocean current energy. It not only has the power to accelerate the energy transition, but also provides small island states, often the most affected by the climate crisis, with an opportunity to be at the forefront of climate action.”

Listen to the “Climate Action” podcast episode on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0rYDQKsUSzj1YsWm73Su6y?si=b3107b35081443b8