Minesto recruits Communications Manager to further strengthen its marketing organisation

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22 oktober 2021

Minesto has appointed Cecilia Sernhage as Communications Manager and thus continues to strengthen the company’s market organisation ahead of the commercial scale-up of Minesto’s unique marine energy technology. Cecilia Sernhage has extensive experience in B2B communication with customers in global markets and provides Minesto with additional expertise and capacity to enhance and create new relationships with various stakeholders and partners.

“We are very pleased to strengthen our commercial resources with Cecilia. Having worked for a long time with customer-focused B2B communication in a global industrial company, she brings valuable skills and experience”, said Dr Martin Edlund, CEO of Minesto.

In a short time, Minesto has strengthened its sales and marketing organisation with Elke Rosiers as Chief Marketing Officer and now Cecilia Sernhage as Communications Manager. This makes Minesto well equipped to take customer and marketing activities to the next level.

“Minesto’s marketing communication has both a global and a local perspective. Building on the progress in the Faroe Islands, we can now position Minesto’s product as the dominant design for commercially relevant marine energy technology to the actors driving the global energy transition. Locally, it is about communication and dialogue to establish, and gain acceptance for, our various projects – which is crucial to realise business opportunities in new markets.”

”In addition to strengthening us in this work, Cecilia gives us increased capacity for the overall corporate communication with our various stakeholders”, said Martin Edlund.

Cecilia Sernhage comes most recently from Husqvarna Construction where she, for several years and in various roles, has been engaged in strengthening the Husqvarna brand in the global construction industry. Her experience includes digital marketing, global product launches and campaigns, as well as photo and film production. Cecilia believes the experience from an innovation-driven company on a growth journey and in constant change to be a good basis for driving Minesto’s marketing communication forward:

“Curiosity is what drives me and the opportunity to join Minesto, given the exciting situation the company is in today, was hard to resist. In addition to an exciting product based on a unique technology and with strong sustainability aspects, there is an already engaged audience following the company’s development. This creates a strong position to grow the reach and I really look forward to joining the team in developing communication to gradually take the brand to its obvious place in the energy mix of the future”, said Cecilia Sernhage.

Cecilia will take up the position as Communications Manager on 10 January 2022 and will report to Minesto’s Chief Marketing Officer.

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