Minesto steps up the external communication – successful participation at COP27

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24 november 2022

COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt has come to an end and Minesto concludes the participation in the Swedish business delegation as both rewarding and value-generating for the company. A strategic initiative, the driving force for Minesto to take part is to bring to light and emphasise the importance of adding renewable, predictable ocean energy to the renewable energy mix. There is great exposure across all fronts and Minesto gains valuable connections with stakeholders from international governmental organisations and companies.

Strategic exposure on a global arena

Presentations and panels by Minesto included six different sessions onsite and they were broadcasted from the Swedish pavilion. The sessions were well-received by the audience and insightful discussions were evoked. In addition, Minesto’s CEO Dr Martin Edlund was interviewed by various media and podcasts, and Nasdaq featured Team Sweden on their billboard at Times Square. “Our participation at COP 27 is a part of extended and broadened external communication targeting key stakeholders and potential customers engaged in the global energy transition,” says Dr Martin Edlund.

Faroe Islands highlighted as an inspirational case study of clean energy transition

Minesto’s keynote session at COP27 – a case study of the Faroe Islands’ energy transition case – was held in the Swedish pavilion on 14th November. Joining Minesto from the Faroe Islands were Minesto's partner and customer utility company SEV – Terji Nielsen, Head of R&D and Helma Maria Trondheim, Researcher, who attended the COP27 as part of the Danish delegation. The session was moderated by Swedish Ambassador for the Ocean, Anna Lindstedt. The panel showcased how the tidal opportunity is pivotal to reach Faroe Islands’ policy goal of 100% renewable energy by 2030.

State Secretary to Minister for Climate and the Environment, Sweden, delivered closing remarks at Minesto’s keynote session

Minesto had the honour of having Daniel Westlén, State Secretary to Romina Pourmokhtari, the Swedish Minister for Climate and the Environment, to deliver closing remarks during the session on ‘Case Study: Swedish ocean energy kites supporting Faroe Islands to reach 100% renewable by 2030’.

In becoming fossil-free, the ocean indeed represents a huge opportunity. It’s been encouraging for me to learn about this innovative and smart technology which really expands the potential of harvesting energy from the ocean. Considering the vulnerability of small island developing states where fossil fuels have been the dominating source of energy for many years, the invention and evolution of this technology gives hope. Also, from a climate justice perspective, this can be part of an important development. I see a potential for ocean energy in general, and specifically Minesto’s technology, not only to energise island states, but also wherever there are tidal streams. The technology should be able to scale up and become an integral part of energy systems also in bigger markets,” says Daniel Westlén in his closing remark.

Roundtable discussions with Swedish ministers

As part of the official Swedish business delegation program, Minesto took part in two roundtable discussions with Swedish ministers, Romina Pourmokhtari, Minister for Climate and the Environment, and Johan Forsell, Minister for International Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade. During the sessions, Minesto’s CEO Dr Martin Edlund had the opportunity to talk about how Minesto can be an integral part of Sweden’s effort to combat global climate change, and how being an international company with global presence can positively impact Sweden’s trade and commerce.

To watch all sessions Minesto took part in:

Supporting new green tech companies
Hosted by Nasdaq
Companies: Minesto, Normative, Energimyndigheten (Swedish Energy Agency), Stockholm Exergi

How is Sweden enabling the green transition in other countries?
Hosted by Nasdaq
Companies: Business Sweden, EKN, SEK, Alfa Laval, Heart Aerospace, Minesto

The importance of system-thinking and circularity for decarbonisation
Hosted by Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Companies: Minesto, Alfa Laval, Energimyndigheten (Swedish Energy Agency), Tetra Pak, Volvo Cars, Normative, Ragn-Sells

Unlocking predictable ocean energy – the sustainable path to clean electricity?
Participants: Dr Martin Edlund (CEO, Minesto), Roland Roesch (Acting Director of Innovation and Technology Centre, IRENA – International Renewable Energy Agency), Anna Lindstedt (Swedish Ambassador of the Ocean, Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Moderator: Robert Wart (Communications Director and Head of Strategic Policy Engagement, Stockholm Environment Institute)

Case Study: Swedish ocean energy kites supporting Faroe Islands to reach 100% renewable by 2030
Participants: Dr Martin Edlund (CEO of Minesto), Terji Nielsen (Head of R&D, SEV), Helma Maria Trondheim (Researcher with PhD on Energy Technology, SEV)
Moderator: Anna Lindstedt (Swedish Ambassador of the Ocean, Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Concluding remarks made by Daniel Westlén, State secretary to Romina Pourmokhtari, Sweden’s Minister for Climate and Environment

ImpactTech for scale and action
Hosted by Einride
Participants: Minesto, Einride, Spotify, Doconomy, Heart Aerospace, Normative, Vinnova, Norrsken, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm Resilience Center