Kite systems

Let us introduce the Dragon Class – powerful, lightweight, and modular power plants generating electricity from the ocean with a unique flight principle. The focus on customer value is straight to the point – maximise yield and minimise costs.


Market exclusivity

Our innovation is the only known technology to operate cost-effectively at low-flow sites, generating electricity in stream flows as low as 1.2 m/s.

Small in size and lightweight

A Minesto’s power plant weighs up to 15 times less per MW than competing technologies.

Low-cost offshore operations

Small, cost-efficient vessels and equipment are used for installation, service, and maintenance. The simple recovery concept enables service and maintenance on shore.

Zero visual impact, minimal environmental impact

Our ocean energy kites operate completely submerged below the water surface, with minimal environmental impact.

Predictable electricity production

Tidal streams and ocean currents are highly predictable. Tides are caused by the moon. Ocean currents are the continuous, directional movement of seawater driven by gravity, wind, and water density.

Utilisation of ocean currents

The ability to operate at low-flow streams makes Minesto’s innovation the only technology that is believed to be cost-efficient in both tidal streams and ocean currents.

Tailored to customer needs and operating conditions

The Dragon Class design scales effectively and is thus available in different sizes tailored for maximum yield, depending on site conditions such as flow speed and depth.


By combining different wing spans, generator sizes, and tether lengths, Minesto can offer Dragon Class kite systems that are customised to different applications and customer needs.

Optimizing performance and reducing cost – scalable for commercial installations

Through extensive CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) modelling, ocean scale testing, and operational data from the Vestmannasund project site, the energy conversion is optimized and at the same time, the number of power plant subsystems and components minimized. By reducing the number of components, costs for manufacturing and assembly decrease. In addition, it simplifies handling during installation and maintenance, which is crucial for megawatt-systems.


The scalability of the Minesto kite system offers solutions into two market segments.

Microgrid – independent installations

  • Remote islands, remote/coastal communities, aquaculture
  • Emerging energy access, electrification of remote users
  • Island economies, aquaculture developers

Utility scale – for large-scale energy systems

  • Multi-megawatt grid-connected farms
  • Adding baseload renewable capacity
  • Utilities, project developers, power producers