Dragon 4

Dragon 4 has a rated power of 100 kW and is designed for microgrid installations.

The Dragon 4 – main design properties:

  • 100 kW rated capacity generator
  • Dry weight (excl. tether): approx. 2.7 tonnes
  • Turbine diameter: 1,3 m
  • Overall Kite dimensions: LxWxH: 4 x 4.9 x 2.8 m
  • Tether length: 40-100m


Easy transportation

Designed with the ease of packing and transportation in mind, Minesto’s microgrid model, Dragon 4, fits into a 20 ft container.

Fast and easy assembly

With the Dragon 4’s modular system, unboxing from the container is fast and assembly of the kite system can be done right onsite.



Fast and easy operations

The streamlined and lightweight Dragon 4 model makes simplified handling possible during installation and maintenance. Only light lifting is needed and towing, by the tether, is fast and efficient. Within a short timeframe and minimum manpower needed, the Dragon 4 is ready for power production.

Automatic installation

Minesto’s Dragon 4 model is equipped with an automatic installation mode where the kite system’s connector can be lowered efficiently and descends within minutes. The fast and easy connection to the seabed foundation allows for instant grid connection and the installed kite system is immediately in production mode.